Asphalt Floats

SIMEX Asphalt Floats - Ten times quicker and cleaner 

When your application requires laying asphalt on small surfaces such as footpaths and utility trenches or levelling the shoulder of roads, Simex Asphalt Float is your choice. It has been designed to lay asphalt or waste material to fill fixed-section trenches, create sidewalks or widen existing roadways.

An innovative design ensures the ease of use making the work 10 times quicker, cleaner and more consistent than when done manually as asphalt is simply placed on the ground in front of the Float and spread from there. Mechanically adjusted "Scraper blade" allows for setting and adjusting the final compacting material thickness. Because the Asphalt float extends laterally outside the wheel, the operator can lay asphalt on sidewalks or widen roadways without having to pass over the laid asphalt with the prime mover.

Simex Asphalt Floats have a maximum paving width of 1.70 metres and depending on the model, they can extend laterally up to 1.02 or 1.62 metres outside the wheel. Whatever the application Simex Asphalt Floats save both time and costs yet provide excellent quality of the final result.

Asphalt Floats suit skid steer loaders, as well as backhoe loaders and front-end loaders with a max width of 1600mm.


Applications and Benefits

  • For laying asphalt on sidewalks
  • For laying asphalt over filled trenches
  • For widening roadways
  • For backfilling trenches
  • For laying subbase material
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight transport
  • Get the job done fast, while assuring safe, continuous and clean paving.
  • Working precision
  • Lateral extension outside wheel allows sidewalk paving or road widening without having to pass prime mover over laid asphalt.
  • Lays asphalt on sidewalks or widens roadways without having to pass prime mover over laid material due to lateral extension outside the wheel.