Crusher Buckets

The Simex CBE range of crusher buckets (for excavators) turn waste into usable material

Turn crushable waste material such as bricks, concrete, glass, reinforced concrete, natural aggregates, tiles, asphalt slabs into usable material on your construction/demolition site. The Simex CBE range of crusher buckets for excavators are easy to use and the crushed material can be discharged in suitable location on site or directly into the back of a waste disposal truck.

With Simex CBE crusher buckets you can efficiently reduce the volume of mixed materials and reinforced concrete because its rotor crushing design can also process sticky materials such as clay, wood, humid or wet products and plastic. Crushing teeth are easy to change to produce the crushed material in different-sized pieces: 0-50/100mm (parts for special sizes available on request).

Simex CBE crusher buckets are easy to manoeuvre, even in small and confined worksites and the mountable crusher bucket models are available for excavators and backhoe loaders of 7 - 55 tonnes.


Simex CB Crusher Buckets (for Skid Steers) provide productivity in confined space

Simex CB range of crusher buckets can also be mounted on skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, compact track loaders and larger models on wheel loaders, and telescopic handlers. These crusher buckets are extremely efficient for crushing materials such as bricks, tiles, glass, reinforced concrete, natural aggregates (e.g., limestone and sandstone) and asphalt slabs. Due to the rotor design, Simex CB crusher buckets guarantee excellent productivity even when material is wet and mixed with clay, pieces of wood or deformable materials.

Perfect for sites where space is limited.



  • The rotor system is ideal for crushing reinforced concrete and demolition waste and is not affected by the presence of iron, rock, earth, deformable parts or wet or humid material.
  • Lightweight structure won't transmit vibrations to the prime mover or the operator.
  • Low noise output.
  • Wide mouth, shaped as standard bucket for easy loading. 


Crusher Bucket CBE Specifications | Crusher Bucket CB Specifications