Twin Header Rock Grinders

Make An Impact On Hard Surfaces

When conventional digging systems are too weak and percussion tools have little effect choose Simex Twin Header Rock Grinders/Rotary Cutters that are designed for trench work in hard and compacted ground, for concrete and rock wall profiling, dredging, demolition and quarry work.

Rotary Cutter heads give excellent results for certain types of fixed-section trenching when excavating hard and rocky materials, as well as for mining and tunneling applications. Rotary Cutters come with models to suit 2.5 - 70 metric tonne excavators and can be used in quarries with a variety of rock, including limestone, gypsum or schist with rocks having a hardness of up to 85 mPa.


Low noise and vibration level

Rotary Cutters are ideal for vibration sensitive works as they produce very little vibration compared to an impact tool i.e. rockbreaker.  With different cutter drum options and tools with different features Rotary Cutters are suitable a range of job types and various materials requiring milling.

The patented design of direct drive, high displacement hydraulic piston motor ensures high performance and low speed/high torque without a need of reduction gear box.



Integrated high displacement hydraulic piston motor

High torque and high performance

Square holes of coupling plate

Cutter head can be rotated 90 degrees

Filter on feed line when hoses are being connected to the excavator

Impurities prevented from entering the motor

Gaskets fitted on drums

Seal against dust also when attachment is submerged into the ground, even in muddy conditions

Replaceable anti-wear plates

Low maintenance cost

Double support bearings for each drum

Longer service life as shaft transmits motion only and bears no load