Rammer Rockbreakers Excellence Line


Excellence Line hits smarter

The Excellence line is Rammer flagship line of hydraulic rockbreakers that has been serving customers the world over for four decades.

Remote monitoring - All Excellence line of rock breakers have integrated smart technology for easier fleet management and more efficient processes. The first ever remote monitoring system for hydraulic rock breakers, RD3 provides

  • real-time data on operating hours,
  • how the rockbreaker is being operated,
  • advice on service intervals and
  • exact location of the equipment. 

RRD3 uses the MyFleet Telematics service to remotely track and monitor rockbreaker usage, making it ideal for operators, rental companies and dealers. The cloud-based system enables the rockbreakers to be viewed and monitored utilising Google maps and all the data is accessible 24/7 by logging into the My Fleet platform.

Any application - There is a Rammer Hydraulic Rockbreaker for virtually any breaking application that requires a boom-mounted percussive tool. From the advanced Compact Range Hammers for mini-excavators, whose tools are so strong they are guaranteed for life against breakages, to the extra heavy-duty Large Range for excavators from 27-120 tonnes in weight, there is a reliable, low-maintenance, easy-to-fit, high-performance Rammer rockbreaker certain to increase your productivity, optimize results and give you a lower cost per tonne of material broken.

Constant and high breaking power - With Rammer’s sealed high pressure membrane accumulator system optimum performance is maintained at all times because the membrane accumulator is gas leakage proof and does not require re-fill or any special sealing system. Constant and high breaking power is ensured without need for gas re-charging or regular maintenance making Rammer Rockbreakers a reliable and productive partner for your carrier, particularly in remote locations.

Reduced breaking times - Rammer’s patented Fixed Blow Energy operating principle ensures maximum impact energy regardless of the operating oil flow. This means that every impact – from first to last – is at maximum power, regardless of oil flow or frequency, reducing breaking time and maximising productivity.


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