Before selecting the boom system, the needs and safety of both operators and maintenance personnel should be taken into consideration as they are often overlooked during initial design.

When positioning the boom system, thought should be given as to where an operator might be able to safely stand, out of reach of the boom, to ensure a clear view of the work area. Suitable maintenance park locations with tool and rockbreaker change frames and rockbreaker removal for servicing need also to be considered to ensure maintenance can be done safely.

With 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of hydraulic boom systems in the mining industry and quarries world-wide, Rammer supplies a comprehensive range of booms that have been designed to enable the optimal positioning of a breaker within crushers feed, allowing blockages and bridging of rock to be broken and cleared safely and efficiently. With 40 models from 1 tonne up to 18 tonnes heavy duty applications, reach from 1 metre up to 17 metres there is the right boom for every need. 

Stringent quality and safety standards are adhered to during manufacturing and due to the high-volume production Rammer Booms are extremely economical compared to other boom systems on the market. The standard range of spare parts and tools are readily available globally.

As the authorised Rammer agent, we offer a complete safe turn-key packages comprising rockbreaker, boom system, power pack and full electrification of the system that are customized to meet specific customer needs and to ensure the right equipment is positioned in the right place for optimum safety, reliability and durability.